We provide services to our customers not only with profile production, but also with processed or finished products with the latest CNC and mechanical processing centers. In the heat insulation barrier assembly line, barriers can be mounted up to a height of 60 mm on profiles up to 300 mm high and 320 mm wide.

Mechanical performances of profiles with heat insulation barriers are controlled in compliance with EN 14024 standard.

Precise cutting is made up to 5 mm with a tolerance of ± 0.1 mm.

• Angled cuts can be made from 350mm to 6100mm in double-head saws.

• Drilling, unloading and die-cutting processes can be conducted in eccentric presses

• CNC milling and unloading processes can be conducted

Profile processing can be conducted up to 6,100 mm in CNC machinery.

Mechanical Process

Please do not hesitate contact us in order to have further information on our mechanical process.